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Are you and your team suffering from stress? Is there a big change coming up soon and you want to help support them through it with new wellbeing and stress management skills? Does your team just need some much needed time out?

I offer a full days wellbeing session which includes the following:

  • Yoga, meditation and breath work experience. An hour to start to calm the breath, body and mind and learn new skills to help manage stress in the future. Skills include yoga and breathing techniques you can do at your desk, or on your lunch brake or in the stationary cupboard after a stressful meeting.


  • Introduction to reflective practice for the professional and personal areas in your life. Starting a reflective journal is a tremendously powerful way to search for what worked, lessons learned, what needs to be changed, what triggered, and set intentions for the time ahead (month/term/quarter/year). This is based on Donald Schon ‘The Reflective Practitioner’ theories of success in the work place.


  • Team and partner yoga session. Building trust, team work skills, focus and planning all into a light hearted and fun session. ‘Laughter will always be the best form of therapy.’

Then pick 2 from the following

  • Mandala drawing
  • Lifestyle balancing
  • Building calm into your work space
  • Meditation for sleep
  • Building self care into your daily routine
  • *I can also develop sessions bespoke to your teams needs



Are the sessions accessible to all? Yes I cater to all abilities/disabilities and levels of fitness.

We are based outside of Dorset will you travel to us? Yes I will, my travel costs will be sent in a separate invoice to this booking.

We are looking for a half days session, do you do this? Yes I do, check out my other item in the shop.

We are looking for a regular 1 hour slot, do you do this? Yes I do, check out my other item in the shop.


About Me

I suffered my own burn out back in 2016 and left the corporate/charity sector and retrained as a yoga and wellbeing coach. I now work with schools, communities, and corporate to help bring calm into the team and environment, and teach new stress management skills.

Booking T&Cs

  1. Full payment is required up front to confirm booking
  2. Please email to arrange a call to confirm dates and session details
  3. I offer free travel within Dorset
  4. Travel outside of Dorset will be invoiced after the session
  5. 1 months cancellation notice for full refund
  6. 2 weeks cancellation notice for 50% refund
  7. Less than two weeks cancellation notice you will receive no refund



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