Allplants Vegan Food Box Review & My Love of Food!

I was thrilled to be invited to collaborate with allplants. For those of you who know me well, you will know that I LOVE food and I love any tricks to help my healthy living lifestyle that bit easier without impacting the planet or ability to pay my mortgage!

A plant based diet has had a HUGE impact on my health and my bodies healing journey from past trauma, operations and Endometriosis. Its been a long old journey but such an amazing one.

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My review of Allplants

*Haha and my Allplants delivery arrived just in time, as I had just broken two toes and could no longer get out to do a food shop or stand for too long to cook, so thank you Universe for aligning my Allplants collaboration in time with my broken toes.


I must say I LOVE packaging and I am a sucker for a pretty box! And even more of a sucker when there a gorgeous art design and when the packaging is recyclable or reusable and ALL of the Allplants packaging is! This all makes me and my artsy conscious very happy. See below for my unboxing of my delivery and first impressions.


I received three meals which were a portion size for two people, and they were defiantly enough. If your like me and LOVE salad and fresh food (I chuck cherry tomatoes on everything!), then you may want to add a little salad to get your fresh food fix or have fruit for dessert.

I have tried in the past other Vegan food subscriptions and I must say that Allplants are defiantly the best for the following important

  • Filled me up
  • Recyclable packaging
  • Didnt aggravate my IBS
  • Didnt aggravate my Endometriosis
  • Didnt fill up my bin with non recyclable packaging
  • Gorgeous flavors (the Dharl dish took me right back to my time in Goa!)
  • Kind to planet
  • Kind to gut
  • Smelled amazing (my flat smelt like a posh Vegan restaurant)

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